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Spring Glen LandScaper

Landscape Design


Spring Glen Landscapers is one of Connecticut’s premier landscape design companies. We've been designing and building creative landscapes for Connecticut residents and businesses for 3 decades. We have completed plans for hundreds of residential and commercial properties throughout Connecticut.



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Design Service

At Spring Glen Landscapers, we design your landscape to elegantly compliment your style and taste. We take pride in being able to present your home and lawn in the best possible way. Our designers believe in tailored and attentive design. Our repertoire includes plantings, tree work, stonework, and more. Our only limitation is your imagination. No matter what the project, we are able to custom design a project for you that will enhance your property, reflect your personal taste and fit your budget.


When it comes to planting, we do it all. From foundations plantings to elaborate estate gardens, we specialize in getting it planted right. Whether it's a perennial garden, a privacy screen, a new lawn, or large trees, our installation techniques and materials are the best in class.


When it comes to stonework , we install everything from fire-pits, to patios, to pool decks. The options are limitless. We offer a wide range of materials; Bluestone, Cobblestone, Belgium Blocks, and more. Our custom masonry provides an authoritative, rugged personality. Whether your style is tailored and formal or untamed and natural, our designs always looks great.


Spring Glen Landscapers has 30 years of experience and we’re ready to help you with all of your planting needs. From plant selection to placement, design and maintenance, we will develop the perfect garden for you. Whether it be a Modern Garden, Cottage Garden, Japanese Garden, or Rock Garden, we have the skill and experience to develop the perfect garden for you.


We’ll plant in such a way that your garden will look like a seamless match for your home and yard. The plants we choose are hearty, strong and enduring. We are eco-friendly so your family, your yard, and nature stays healthy and natural.


Hardscapes are a great way to enhance your property that might otherwise be unusable. Patios, walkways, retaining walls, driveways, and fire pits are a great way to enjoy your property and turn your yard into an entertainment and socializing expanse. A Spring Glen installed patio is a great space for entertaining or just kicking back and relaxing.
We start with a correctly installed base. Harsh New England winters can wreak havoc on a poorly installed base. It will allow your walkway to settle, drop, and shift. You may end up spending plenty to repair it. We do the work right the first time! That is why you can count on us. We are committed to designing and building a patio or hardscape that will look great the first year and for years to come.

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