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Spring Glen LandScaper

Landscape Management


Spring Glen Landscapers is a full service landscape management company serving Connecticut residents and businesses. Our services include landscape maintenance, design and installation services, plant health care, and landscape enrichment services.



tree, cutting, pruning

Spring Glen Landscapers specializes in custom-made design and build services. We focus on one project at a time, offering personalized skill and knowledge. We produce superior results for people seeking the special care of a high-end landscaping firm.


Once your landscape project is completed, or if you already have a well landscaped property, we’re glad to maintain your investment with seasonal and year-round property maintenance.  We tend to the specific needs of your lawn, garden and hardscape.

Services  include:

  • Total grounds upkeep

  • Perennial flower care and seasonal bed installation

  • Lawn and sod care and repair

  • Seasonal property cleanups

  • Pruning, fertilizing

  • Groundcover installation and maintenance




Occasionally poorly maintained landscapes reach a point where it is too expensive or labor intensive to try to revive what exists.

Spring Glen Landscapers will assess your property and design a new landscape plan that fits your lifestyle and budget while showcasing your property to its full potential.


Some of our landscaping renovation services are:

  • Fine Grading andTilling

  • Sifted Topsoil / Compost

  • Seeding

  • Sodding

  • Fertilizing  and Liming

  • Professional Cleanup

Tree work

Trees need pruning several times a year to keep their growth in check, and protect your property and house. Through proper trimming, we help shape and encourage the growth of your tree for aesthetic and functional reasons.


Complete tree and stump removal is a vital component of keeping your landscape looking pristine and beautiful. While cutting trees down completely may be an unpleasant thought, at times it is necessary. Trees that have suffered damage from storms, winds, or insects, or have reached the end of their life expectancy, need to be removed for safety purposes.


Removing the tree stump is important if you want to plant, landscape, replace a fence, or perform construction in the area. Grinding down old stumps prevents termites and continued root growth.  



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