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Spring Glen LandScaper

Testimonials From Our Happy Clients



I have come to rely greatly on Matt Iannone and Spring Glen Landscapers for managing my property. Not only is Matt knowledgeable and imaginative in coming to creative and appropriate solutions to issues, he is also thorough and exacting in his expectations from subcontractors. He knows his way around City Hall and can maneuver plans through all phases of a project, from planning to permits. Matt is particularly adept at anticipating problems and heading them off before they even arise. Matt worries about my property as much as I do. I could not recommend him more highly for managing any project well, on time, and for a reasonable fee. Matt does really high quality work.


Nancy C.



My ranch house in Hamden has an awkward back yard. Long and narrow, the yard was overwhelmed by overhanging arbor vitae that loomed over the house like a monster and an ugly pre-fab-looking deck. Matt from Spring Glen Landscapers provided ingenious ideas for using the skinny plot to our aesthetic advantage.


I'm not interested in doing yard work, so Matt designed a local plant and tree environment with a stone path woven through, which will require little upkeep. The plantings create interest in the garden during all four seasons and appeal to the senses texturally and with scent, too. He brought in the elements - earth, of course, and air, with a wind sculpture and wind chimes, and water with a fountain and a bird bath. My tiny back yard is now a garden fantasy.


Besides his creative and fresh approach, Matt is very responsive and thoughtful. He guided my decisions, but also listened to me. I have long dreamed about having a swing similar to one from my childhood home. Initially, Matt thought that style of swing would be too large for the space, so I let the idea go. But he didn't forget about it and worked the design to make sure that the swing became part. It is very precious to me, and I felt taken care of and respected.


All in all, I recommend Matt because he treats the landscaping as if it were his own. He means it when he uses the word "we" in describing the work to be done and realizing his vision of beauty. Before I moved to the house, during one of our first snows that winter, Matt took a video, narrating his observations of the garden, and emailed it to me. That kind of pleasure and pride in his work makes Matt a valued partner, now and into the future.


Rena T.

Spring Glen Landscapers are simply the best. After moving into a home with overgrown 1950's landscaping Matt and his crew did a complete redesign of our property. Matt is an artist. He and his team are highly professional. Matt engages you in a visioning process, communicates frequently and clearly; and then perfectly executes the work. I cannot tell you how many times complete strangers have stopped by the house to comment on how beautiful our property looks.


Burch V

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